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New Name, New Season, New Items

When I think about fall, I think about cool breezy days, sipping coffee, colorful leaves falling, cozy layers etc. As far as I'm concerned, fall is the most fashionable time of the year. You get to tap into your creative side and mix and match layers of clothing and it is AWESOME! 

Autumn is the season of harvest, gathering up all the fruits of your labor. I'm believing in a bountiful harvest this year! My hopeful mindset is what prompted me to design and release these new items for you all to turn heads in. 

I added the fanny packs to the Kono and Lagoon collections because not only are those my favorite collections, but fanny/shoulder packs are also incredibly handy! And at the moment they look fly as heck!

Ta Kina Kono Bomber Jacket

I particularly love the bomber jacket and joggers. I got to be extra creative with the details on the sleeves and legs. 

Ta Kina Wear Kono Sweatshirt

I know the journey has only just begun, but I'm really looking forward to all that's in store for Ta Kina and Ta Kina wear. I'm putting a lot into it, and I pray my harvest will be bountiful.


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