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New Name: Ta Kina Wear

Of Kina is now Ta Kina!!! SURPRISE!!!!

I have been sitting on this re-brand for a while now. I feel I'm still early enough in the game to change the name. Now is the perfect time for me because I'm currently in a season of change and new beginnings. I've prayed and cried and have to the conclusion that whatever plans I have, God will direct me and His will shall be done. This new name is a bit more personal and in line with my new mentality. My name is TAmbari wiKINA...Ta Kina. Simple. Tambari means "work of God". I am proud of that name and I am honestly satisfied with this new name. I feel more connected to and confident in the brand moving forward.

That's pretty much the only change. The message behind the brand is still the same. The vibe, the energy, EVERYTHING else remains the same. Also BIG shout out to my dad for helping me with the name #daddysgirl

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