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Ta Kina Blog

  • New Name, New Season, New Items

    Autumn is the season of harvest, gathering up all the fruits of your labor. I'm believing in a bountiful harvest this year! My hopeful mindset is what prompted me to design and release these new items for you all to turn heads in.
  • New Name: Ta Kina Wear

    Of Kina is now Ta Kina!!! SURPRISE!!!!

    I have been sitting on this re-brand for a while now. I feel I'm still early enough in the game to change the name. Now is the perfect time for me because I'm currently in a season of change and new beginnings. 

  • Of Kina: Walk Fashion Show Detroit

    When I applied to be a featured designer at the Walk Fashion Show in Detroit, I had absolutely no idea what I was getting into. I simply wanted to challenge myself and try something new.  The pieces I put together were a representation of my experience of being a Nigerian woman immersed in European and American culture. 
  • Made in Detroit

    Made in Detroit. Made for all.
  • The Journey to Kina

    The journey to Kina starts from my innocent childhood in the 90s to the randomness of the naughts and then self growth in the 2010s.