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Ta Kina Blog

  • New Name, New Season, New Items

    Autumn is the season of harvest, gathering up all the fruits of your labor. I'm believing in a bountiful harvest this year! My hopeful mindset is what prompted me to design and release these new items for you all to turn heads in.
  • New Name: Ta Kina Wear

    Of Kina is now Ta Kina!!! SURPRISE!!!!

    I have been sitting on this re-brand for a while now. I feel I'm still early enough in the game to change the name. Now is the perfect time for me because I'm currently in a season of change and new beginnings. 

  • Of Kina: Walk Fashion Show Detroit

    When I applied to be a featured designer at the Walk Fashion Show in Detroit, I had absolutely no idea what I was getting into. I simply wanted to challenge myself and try something new.  The pieces I put together were a representation of my experience of being a Nigerian woman immersed in European and American culture. 
  • Detroit Walk Fashion Show: Of Kina 4pm May 26th

    Hey Tribe!!! Of Kina will be showcased at the 4pm Emerging Designer Event for Walk Fashion Show in the Charles H. Wright Museum, Detroit MI. Come a...
  • Made in Detroit

    Made in Detroit. Made for all.
  • The Journey to Kina

    The journey to Kina starts from my innocent childhood in the 90s to the randomness of the naughts and then self growth in the 2010s.